How to bring the wellbeing benefits of nature into your home

Marina Geipel is an Austria-based visual artist who creates intuitive collages and paintings exploring nature and humans through abstract shapes and colours. Often in her works, she uses pieces and fragments of paper of unexpected shape to recreate emotional images of nature and fill them with new meanings.

ARTIST history

Artist lives in a beautiful small village surrounded by wonderful landscapes. The extraordinary views of the Alps have awakened the need for creativity. Nature serves as an endless source of inspiration for the creation of new works.

Marina Geipel

“I investigate the botanicals elements as a theme of interest, I feel the need to sensitize myself towards nature to extract the necessary resources to explore abstract nature forms. I use paper (newspapers, magazines and any other paper) for the perception of space and reflection to subsequently translate my work towards a more intuitive language. l use old paper in my collages, because I am convinced that we must value the resources of nature.” 


Marina Gaipel’s art can help you connect with nature without leaving your own home. Abstract shapes can remind you of beautiful moments spent in the forest, garden, open spaces and other locations. If you also love the world around you, these works will bring a bit of nature into your life.

Time spent in nature is good for our mental, physical and social well-being. Often the connection with nature affects our emotional state. Some studies prove that people who are connected with nature are more mentally relaxed and more likely to do things that bring benefits to nature and humans.