Art made from millions of pieces of paper

Very often, Marina uses only paper to create her artworks. The artist prefers paper that people no longer need – the paper that should have been burned, ended up in a landfill, or, with some luck, at paper recycling plants.

artist history

Marina learned the Russian academic method of drawing and received a degree in art but she has always been particularly interested and admired by contemporary art.

Marina Geipel

“After getting my education at the university, I did not work in the field of art, had no creative activities, did not create paintings and never participated in exhibitions. Life in the big city has set a different rhythm. I worked at the office in Moscow. During this period, it seemed to me that art has been forgotten forever.

Moving to another country changed my attitude to life. Now I live in a small village in Austria and I am happy to create art for those people who need to preserve a sensitive attitude to nature, who strive for unity with the world around them.

Paper is my paints, and glue replaces brushes. I consciously choose the technique that will give pleasure and allow me to maximize my intuitive ideas while creating.
In the process of work, I realized that paper is a very interesting and lively material.

When someone asks me to duplicate a previously completed work, I reply that it is impossible to make a copy. Because it is unreal to find exactly the same material, copy all the details like texture or colour and put all the fragments together in the same manner again. I really like such unique moments in my work because all the paintings turn out to be original and diverse.”


Marina Gaipel’s art is a reminder that people and nature are one.